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Composite Soapstone Quail
Composite Soapstone Quail
Allan Waidman

Composite Soapstone Quail

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Composite Soapstone quail with alcohol ink paint.

Allan is a self-taught carver who has worked primarily in chlorite, alabaster and soapstone for nearly two decades. He is an artist concerned by the amount of discarded materials, so he decided to find a way to use the cuttings and left over pieces of sculpting to create art. He has developed his own method to make moulds of his own original carvings and from those moulds cast new sculptures using “recycled” soapstone which he calls “composite soapstone”. It’s primarily soapstone pieces but in a totally new format. The castings are painted and coated with epoxy resin and are every bit as beautiful as the original carving. 

The quail is a bird species you will commonly see scuttling around the Okanagan.