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Samantha Gerrit



Samantha Gerrit's artistic journey is deeply intertwined with her profound connection to nature and her introspective exploration of the Canadian landscape. Since her earliest memories, Gerrit has felt an indescribable pull towards the natural world, particularly towards mountains. This innate connection serves as the foundation for her passion for painting abstract landscapes, where she seeks to not only capture the external beauty of her surroundings with dramatic colours and moody skies but also to convey the inner peace and resonance she experiences when immersed in nature.

In recent years, Gerrit's artistic style has undergone a significant transformation. Embracing a more minimalist approach, she utilizes bold white lines to outline the shapes and colours within her landscapes. This shift has become a meditative practice for Gerrit, a way to slow down and ground herself in the present moment. Through her art, Gerrit invites viewers to join her in this journey of self-discovery and mindfulness, offering them a glimpse into the beauty of nature and simplicity.