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Beeblago Art

Artist: Irina Bakumenko

"I am constantly inspired because I perceive the world as an amazing and beautiful picture with millions of color images. But I am especially inspired by trips in which I discover cities with the unique architecture of each country, ancient buildings and castles, colonial-style houses, elements of household utensils and furniture, door and window decorations, bridges, and streets. Therefore, one of the main topics in my work is the urban landscape or cityscape. I also like to create portraits of houses to order. When I paint such a picture, I reflect on the owner, the holidays and dinners in the house, the birth of children and their growing up, friendly gatherings and parties.

Having walked this artistic journey for such a short time, I am delighted that my work causes joy, appreciation, and sincere emotions in people. I constantly get feedback and I am happy that my collectors are in countries such as Portugal, Russia (my native country), the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, France, Denmark, China, and Germany.

I'm still looking for my style and place in the art world but what I know for sure is that I am grateful for the ability to see beauty and share it with others through my watercolour work."