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Ban Draoi Studio

Lynda Norman was born in Kelowna British Columbia and is a self-taught artist. Her body of work primarily includes watercolour and alcohol ink, and ranges from subtle to vibrant, often incorporating elements of Abstract, Post-Expressionism and Fauvism, which, above all, valued individual expression - the artist's direct experience of her subjects, her emotional response to nature, and her intuition are all more important than academic theory or elevated subject matter.

Most of her paintings are created from an instinctive response, rather than a detailed study of her subjects, and she prefers to use colour to enhance or understate certain elements of her work.  Exploring the possibilities of colour, form and perspective in this way often results in an abstract look and feel.

Understanding that by combining elements of colour and shape, the viewer’s eye is encouraged to blend the colours so that each individual experiences the painting differently,  her work leaves her subjects and their relationships open to interpretation – an invitation to viewers to experience their own feelings and thoughts.