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AlleyCATS Alliance

The major thrust of our organization is to rehabilitate and adopt out abandoned cats after providing them with medical care and having them altered. We receive referrals from community members who have found kittens, or have free-roaming or “dumped” pregnant cats show up at their homes. In many cases, there are kittens that would otherwise be on the streets, and it is our goal to help these orphaned or feral cats.

We have calls from Vernon to Osoyoos and to Princeton requesting our aid. Whenever we can, we assist with vet care and services to ensure healthy and positive outcomes for the cats. Volunteer foster homes raise the kittens to socialize them, take them to vet appointments, and help to market the cats for adoption. We have groups of volunteers who clean and cuddle and look after the cats in 4 adoption centers in Penticton and Kelowna. We also make appearances at the local malls and events to teach the public about the importance of spaying and neutering, in the hope that education will help to reduce the number of unwanted cats. We also have a large team of volunteers who help with fundraising and procuring items for the cats like toys and food.

There are a large number of feral colonies and “managed” colonies in our communities – basically free-roaming cats that are pro-creating at an astounding rate. Many of the colonies are fed and generally “safe” as there are humans looking out for them, although they are not friendly and not adoptable. These cats can be trapped, altered, and put back into the area they have come from. The reduction in the number of animals pro-creating will eventually cause the colony numbers to be reduced.

Volunteer time, funds and the availability of foster homes dictates the amount of work we can do, so we are always encouraged by the gifts of time and money by our volunteers, donors, vets, and “Allies”. We cannot help everyone, but we keep on working towards making a difference.