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Pouch Necklace by Pat Raphael (all designs)
Pouch Necklace by Pat Raphael (all designs)
Pat Raphael

Pouch Necklace by Pat Raphael (all designs)

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Pat was born and raised in the beautiful, traditional Okanagan territory and it is only recently that her artistic side came forth once again. Having raised her four children, it was time to follow her passion. She is studying the Nsyilxcen language and expanding her art style with watercolour as well as beading. Pat works in various mediums from traditional to contemporary. Her inspiration for her pieces derives from stories, dreams and a heartfelt desire to develop a dialogue with the viewer on important issues.

Pat has received many awards for her work including the Toni Onley 2016 Scholarship, the Ntytyix logo contest for Westbank First Nations, the W. Armstrong language award, the West Kelowna World Music Festival 2016/17 and several others.

"I give a voice to the t'mixw so the circle can widen, and care and compassion go forth. Each acknowledgement of responsibility raises the consciousness of the citizens of Earth. Like a pebble tossed into a still pond, the ripples spread out and return."

  • Handmade pouch necklace.