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Okanagan Geology British Columbia
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Okanagan Geology British Columbia

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Travel through ancient history, visualize the volcanism in the Okanagan, imagine mountain-building forces, envision the landscape 12,000 years ago when Glacial Lake Penticton stretched for two hundred kilometers or more, and discover the beginnings of present-day Okanagan Lake and area. These are just a few of the fascinating subjects in this account of Okanagan geology.

This book is designed for the local layperson, and visitors, and as a resource guide for educators. It focuses on the geologic landmarks of the area and how geology has influenced the evolution of the present landscape and touched the lives of everyone. It is hoped that the information provided will enrich the visitor, inspire earth science students, and offer everyone a new perspective on the natural history of the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia. Profits from the book will be dedicated to the Kelowna Geology Committee Award endowment fund for geological, water science, engineering, and archeology students, and for local projects to enhance the awareness of geologic history