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Ogi's Christmas
Kathy Ferguson

Ogi's Christmas

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Like all boys and girls baby Ogopogo wanted to celebrate Christmas. He had heard lots of stories from Michael his friend about Santa, the Christmas tree, and the gifts beneath it. He heard that there were twinkling lights on trees and people singing carols and everyone was happy. It sounded like magic, like a fairytale, and so Ogi set out to have just such a Christmas in his home underwater in Ogopogoland. The occasion turned out to be wonderful for him, but also for his Mummy Pogo and especially Daddy Ogo, who really thought he was Santa for a day!!

Kathy Ferguson is a former R.N. with four grown children. She was born in the Okanagan Valley and has a wide variety of interests, chief among them writing poems and stories for children. This is her third publication in a series about Ogi, a mythical monster who supposedly lives and thrives in the Okanagan Lake.