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Maple Caramel with Sea Salt
Maple Roch/ Avant Beverage Ltd

Maple Caramel with Sea Salt

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Purity, passion, tradition, social responsibility, sustainable. Maple Roch has brought east to west by introducing the finest Maple Syrup to the BC Market. Precuring only the finest maple syrup from the best trees in New Brunswick, crafted by generations of Maple craftsman families, has made the syrup sought after by the culinary community in the Okanagan Valley and beyond

The Bounty of the East Meets the West - This is Maple Roch

Produced from select maple trees grown in a unique soil composition, crafted by generations of proud Maple Craftsman families, our fine Canadian Maple Syrup surpasses other Maple Syrups in quality, richness and dark colouring. 

"For anyone who loves maple or salted caramel, this beautiful blend of these two scrumptious flavours always elicits an “ooo” from our customers in the store. A very popular seller of ours, the maple caramel features our grade A, pure, signature maple syrup blended beautifully with sea salt that we import from Garlan, France.

Maple caramel is made with our own maple syrup. It is uniquely different because it is a single forest maple syrup. This means it is not mixed with other syrups. This allows the maple in our maple caramel with sea salt to taste just as it should; as if it were harvested from the tree and boiled right in front of you.

This maple caramel with sea salt compliments so many different dishes beyond the sweet palette. Pair it with cheese, drizzle it on berries or embellish your lattes with it. Roch loves to grill peaches on the BBQ in the summer and plate them with vanilla ice cream and maple caramel with sea salt. It is one of his favorite recipes."

Ingredients: Organic maple syrup • Glucose • Sweetened condensed milk • Sea salt. 

  • Simple Ingredients
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  • 300g Glass Jar