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'A Comfortable Silence' Mural Print
'A Comfortable Silence' Mural Print
Uptown Rutland Mural Project

'A Comfortable Silence' Mural Print

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Contemporary female mural artists Lacey Jane and Layla Folkmann have been working as an artistic duo since 2010. Working exclusively as a synchronized duo, they have produced over 100 murals all across Canada, from an over 4,000 square foot farm silo in the Ontario countryside to the notable Rogers Place hockey arena in downtown Edmonton. Internationally, they have painted in Honduras, France, and Northern Uganda where they volunteered with an orphanage and an arts centre for the reintegration of former child soldiers. After over a decade of professional collaboration, Lacey and Layla have forged a notable career with a specialization in monumental public art. They have and continue to work with a number of influential businesses such as Microsoft, Absolut Vodka, Simons, and Yves St. Laurent. They have collaborated with organizations such as MURAL Montreal, MU, stART Up Toronto, Mural Routes, as well as multiple other arts councils, arts organizations, and festivals.

Specializing in the use of traditional applications of brush and acrylic paint, Lacey & Layla focus on the creation of relevant and contemporary portraiture and vivid depictions of real people from diverse and local populations. Community engagement and interaction is a point of both pride and inspiration for Lacey & Layla. They believe that the creation of successful public art starts by building palpable relationships with local populations. Having relocated from Montreal in late 2019, they currently operate out of Vancouver and Edmonton where they are dedicated to their collaborative efforts in meaningful and engaging public art and developing their individual studio practices.