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Scenic Road Cider Co.

Scenic Road Cider Co. first opened their tasting room doors on June 4, 2016. However, their story starts long before that. The Okanagan is well known for its climate - it's perfect for fruit production. Beginning as an orchard, Scenic Road’s planted their first fruits during the boom in early in the 1900's. In 2016, they realized their apples had a lot more potential and re-purposed the original 8 decade old packinghouse to produce the most delicious cider you've ever tasted. Scenic Road Cider Co. grows many of the apples found in their ciders, which are made exclusively from locally-sourced tree fruit. Artisanal, authentic, always. Ranging from dry to sweet, their ciders can fit anyone’s taste! Their merchandise captures the bright, spunky, fun-loving atmosphere and design that their cidery embraces.