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Lostlake Studios

Lostlake Studios started as a wedding photography business in Sudbury, Ontario some ten+ years ago.  But when our family moved to Kelowna, my dreams and aspirations changed to include the incredible nature and beauty of the mountains that surround us.

As my photography subjects changed from people to landscapes, so did my dreams for what the business would become.  Over the past seven years, I've been working to create a catalog of awe-inspiring mountain and landscape scenes that would inspire even the most timid at heart to want to venture into the great outdoors. 

Two years ago I took a chance on myself and started to include my hand-drawn images into the catalog, all of which have been inspired by our family travels and the magnificent Canadian Rockies.

I never could have known then just how much adding those first few drawings into the mix would profoundly impact me and my business.  Today, Lostlake Studios is almost entirely made up of my illustrations, as photography is no longer my key focus.