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Matt Ferguson

Matt Ferguson is a BC born and raised photographer, raised on Bob Ross, episodes of Art Attack and surrounded by artistic family members. While landscape photography is Matt's favorite genre, he tends to lean towards being a generalist, working with nature as well as the human form.

Matt takes inspiration from the vast expanse of photographic opportunity in BC and the playground it provides. Whether it's a stormy day on Vancouver Island or a long warm sunset over Okanagan Lake, Matt can generally be found trying to capture a new angle of what nature has to offer, with an emphasis on strong composition and emotion in the shot, hoping to land the viewer "in the frame".

The inspiration that pushes Matt the most though, is watching his daughters explore nature. Playing in the sand, crunching the leaves, and watching them get lost in nature's magic is what drives him to capture the world around him.

When he's not working or with his camera, you can likely find him in his garden, or at a brewery or a favorite local coffee shop.