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Ogi Goes Green
Kathy Ferguson

Ogi Goes Green

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When Ogi gets very ill from pollution in his delightful lake playground, which once was sparkling and clean, two little girls who become Ogi's friends and playmates on the beach help him with a plan. They inform others of how they can help to keep our environment clean and how easy it is to take care of the Earth. Ogi composes a song that he and all his animal friends can sing together about pollution. Eddy Eagle, Cenny Crow and Jimmy Jay sing it, Flouncie Fish, Evvie Eel and Marci Minnow hum it. And everyone else gets the message!!


Kathy Ferguson is a former R.N. with four grown children. She was born in the Okanagan Valley and has a wide variety of interests, chief among them writing poems and stories for children. This is her fifth publication of a series about Ogi, a mythical monster who supposedly lives and thrives in the Okanagan Lake.