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Maple Rockies Package 20
Maple Roch/ Avant Beverage Ltd

Maple Rockies Package 20

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Packs of 20 

95% pure maple syrup in every candy


An old-fashioned favorite that will satisfy your sweet tooth. Our pure maple Rockies are one of our top sellers. Satisfy your sweet tooth with these hard, sweat, maple treats! You won't be able to stop at just one, they are absolutely delicious.

Maple Rockies are a traditional Canadian treat dating back over a century.


Purity, passion, tradition, social responsibility, sustainable. Maple Roch has brought east to west by introducing the finest Maple Syrup to the BC Market. Precuring only the finest maple syrup from the best trees in New Brunswick, crafted by generations of Maple craftsman families, has made the syrup sought after by the culinary community in the Okanagan Valley and beyond

The Bounty of the East Meets the West - This is Maple Roch

Produced from select maple trees grown in a unique soil composition, crafted by generations of proud Maple Craftsman families, our fine Canadian Maple Syrup surpasses other Maple Syrups in quality, richness and dark colouring.