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Glitter Juice Espresso
Glitter Juice Espresso
Bright Jenny Coffee Roasters

Glitter Juice Espresso

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We are insanely proud to share with you our ever-evolving Espresso Blend, Glitter Juice. Featuring a Colombia & Ethiopia blend, we feel this thing hits the mark for all that we look for in Espresso, providing a perfect shot for any application. Juicy and complex, this stuff cuts through milk like it ain't no thang, and is just as good on its own if that's your vibe. 

While we do tend to keep this stuff locked in for months on end, we do occasionally switch it up depending on the season and availability. Nothing crazy here folks, we won't break what isn't broke!

Tastes: Sparkly Strawberries & Caramel Toffee
FeelsDavid Bowie, a bottle of wine, & his undivided attention

Origin: Mexico / Ethiopia 
Process: Mexico (Washed) - Ethiopia (Natural)
Importer: West Coast Coffee Trainers