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Vaseux View 8"x10"- Randall Young Original Painting
Randall Young

Vaseux View 8"x10"- Randall Young Original Painting

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8" x 10" oil on panel framed original painting.

Randy lives and paints in Okanagan Falls, BC, Canada.

Born in Burnaby, BC but raised in Alberta, Randy spent much of his formative years camping, hiking and fishing in the mountains and foothills West of Calgary with his family. From this, he developed a deep appreciation for nature and the Southwest Alberta and BC landscapes. Randy’s always had a keen but varied interest in the arts with music, ceramics, woodcarving, painting and lutherie having captivated his attention at different times.

After an early career as a musician, Randy turned his artistic attention to visual art when he enrolled at the Alberta College of Art and Design. His major was in Visual Communications, which lead him to a twenty-year career as a graphic artist/illustrator. He’s now pursuing more personal expression and exploration of the world around him through oil and acrylic painting and is discovering his artistic voice, painting anything that inspires him.