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"the Casey Clark Show" T-Shirt
"the Casey Clark Show" T-Shirt
Casey Clarke Productions

"the Casey Clark Show" T-Shirt

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Found on New Country 100.7 - Kelowna's Country Station 

Casey Clarke has been a household name to anyone who loves country music, as Casey has been on television and radio for well over two decades. Casey Clarke has been called “the face” of CMT (Country music Television) as he’s been hosting various programs on the network since 1997. Having been on CMT for over 15 years, Casey Clarke is one of the most recognizable personalities in Canada.

Joining Casey are two lovely ladies, Dana and MJ!

Hailing all the way from Halifax, Dana has brought her bubbly personality, infectious laugh and of course her cat  – Gingy La Roo – to BC. When Dana’s not teasing Casey on the radio, you can catch her watching Disney movies, eating pizza and of course cuddling with Gingy (Probably all at the same time).

MJ is a BC girl born and raised, and it shows! You can find MJ skiing, hiking, camping, or pretty much anywhere outdoors (which is shocking for a redhead, we know). MJ brings a voice of reason to the show and ultimately is there to shake her head at the crazy things Dana and Casey get up to.