Sibley And The Bad Dreams
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Sibley And The Bad Dreams

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Sibley and the Bad Dreams is a fun bedtime story about a little girl who sometimes gets bad dreams. Playful, imaginative and full of surprises– from pirates to sailing a spaghetti sea! Sibley and her mama play a game each morning after a bad dream. With her mama’s help, Sibley learns how to change those terrible dreams into good things!

There are plenty of giggles as Sibley’s new dreams turn into something that makes everyone laugh during this fun story for children.  

This nighttime book is fun and interactive, and the story opens the doorway to talk. A helpful tool to have on hand at a new place or when bad dreams pop up! Remember that feeling safe is facilitated by ritual. This book will quickly become part of your nighttime routine.

Bedtime stories help children empathize with others, build a stronger relationship with you, and master developmental tasks. Learning to sleep independently means developing the abilities to self regulate and self soothe. While some children are naturally good sleepers, many are not. Pediatric studies estimate that sleep problems affect 25-50% of children and 40% of all teens

This book touches on the subjects of sleep, bedtime, anxiety at night, bedtime routine, bedtime story, childhood, and pets.

Written by local Psychologist and Children's Book Author Dr. Kimberly Brayman who creates inspirational and imaginative books for children and teens.  Illustrated by Irina Denissova.