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'Ogopogo & Friends' Mural Print
'Ogopogo & Friends' Mural Print
'Ogopogo & Friends' Mural Print
Uptown Rutland Mural Project

'Ogopogo & Friends' Mural Print

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Print wrapped in plastic

A note from the artist about the painting:

Being a muralist from a metropolis, I am particularly interested in the diversity of the populations that make up my environment. Obviously, whether by choice or necessity, it is the phenomena of migration and exodus repeated throughout history that led to the appearance of cosmopolitan cities, such as Montreal. Thus, heterogeneous societies tend to coexist, somehow, in the same territory, sometimes restricted. From this coexistence arise a variety of such gatherings, cultural events, festivals, demonstrations, assemblies and other phenomena of crowds and popular movements of our urban everyday life. These gatherings promote, among other things, cultural sharing and hybridization, social progress and inclusion, mutual help, acceptance, etc.

Thus, I illustrate in caricature my vision of the individual in Western society. I generally use a process of accumulation of various characters, in order to represent a society where the coexistence of sometimes human beings, sometimes fantastic, refer to a dense, diversified and multicultural vision peculiar to big cities.

In addition, my murals have a playful character, by the association that the spectators make with themselves and their entourage or by sometimes believing that they recognize famous personalities, among the illustrated figures. Moreover, by the repetition of characters, the result is a kind of motif that can recall a tapestry. This pattern has the advantage of harmonizing with any type of wall architecture or to be segmented without affecting the composition of the image.

In definitive, through my imaginary crowds, I try to convey notions of coexistence and celebrate the richness of the existing differences in each of us and for a harmonious living together.