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Steeped Coffee Combo 10 Pack
Steeped Coffee Combo 10 Pack
Bright Jenny Coffee Roasters

Steeped Coffee Combo 10 Pack

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Bright Jenny Coffee started in 2015, on a home-built roaster in a backyard shed in downtown Kelowna. Their original mobile coffee trailer developed into a roastery and cafe in the North End of downtown Kelowna. 

You can make a perfect cup of coffee in just 5 min! This combo pack has 10 compostable tea bags like packs. The coffee flavors included are Glitter Juice and Smoke & Mirrors.

Glitter Juice Espresso is Bright Jenny’s house Espresso Blend. It’s like being softly slapped in the palate by a gang of sparkly oranges. We took two super-bright natural coffees from Brazil and Ethiopia, blended them together, and glitter juice was born. 

Smoke and Mirrors is Bright Jenny's "dark roast". Although you won' find bright fruity notes in this cup; this dark rich cup of joe still has plenty of character. Our roaster has worked his magic to make this roast dark without taking away too much of the original flavors of the beans. Is it really a dark roast? Hmmmmm


Origin - Ethiopia and Brazil 

Process – Natural

Importer – Mountain Coffee