A Troll in the Woods
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A Troll in the Woods

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Meet Avry, a super special, sensitive little girl who finds her best friend at the local animal shelter.  Avry lives in a beautiful farmhouse and loves being close to nature.  She’s a little quirky, with a touch of anxiety and hypersensitivity and has an incredibly active imagination with a magical view of the world.  Avry believes in fairies and elves, and even talking animals!

Book 2 in the Marshmallow Adventure series, we get to introduce Stefan, one of Avry’s very best friends.  He wants to get Avry the most perfect, most thoughtful, and most unique birthday gift – something special that you can’t find in a store, something really, truly magical.  Something that can only be found in a magical forest.  Stefan decides to ignore the warnings about a magical troll that lives in the woods and ends up being captured!   Avry, Marshmallow the Magical Cat and Shadow the dog must go on a quest to help save their rescue him.

Throughout the story, they learn that courage and fear can go hand and hand and that the power of love and friendship is strong enough to inspire action.

An empowering story that all children can relate to, A Troll in the Woods is a beautifully illustrated and imaginative tale that touches on many real life situations and themes in a fun and understanding way.