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Pioneer Gourmet Coffee

Pioneer Coffee was founded by Luigi Cicchelli, a fourth-generation coffee roaster from Italy who moved to Canada to explore and develop his passion for giving customers the best possible cup of coffee. The Cicchelli family name has been closely associated with the coffee industry in Europe (specifically Italy) for decades. From a very young age Luigi learned a great deal about coffee from his family. With time and practice he developed a keen understanding of specific bean characteristics and what is needed to draw out each bean's unique qualities during the roasting process.

The company’s two Kelowna resident owners, Colin Burton and Harry Kullman with Cicchelli as a mentor, are determined to continue providing local gourmet coffee to both their loyal patrons and new customers. Roasted in Kelowna, BC, with each blend is named after one of Kelowna's pioneering families. Take home a piece of Kelowna history with this local favourite, sure to please any coffee enthusiast!